Price List

Dear Patients,
Prime Dental’s mission is to provide you the highest quality of service possible. Our Experienced staff, cutting edge technology and premium tier materials allow us to meet most demanding patient expectations. We’re collaborating with the finest prosthetic laboratories from Poland, Belgium and Sweden to make sure our aesthetic vision materializes in our patients smiles. All of our skilled personnel will make sure you’re at most comfort and have a safe visit every time at Prime Dental.

Price List 2024

New Patient Exam and Consultation
New Patient Exam and Consultation180 PLN
New Patient Exam and Consultation Using Individual Treatment Plan (during a 45 minutes visit, our dentist will walk you through your individual treatment plan)300 PLN
Computed Tomography Full450 PLN
Computer Tomography Partial170 – 250 PLN
Panoramic X-ray100 PLN
Cephalometric X-ray100 PLN
Conservative Treatment
Aesthetic Tooth Filling small/medium/large350 / 400 / 450 PLN
Aesthetic Cervical Tooth Filling 300 PLN
Aesthetic Tooth Filling With BioEnamel small/medium/large350 / 400 / 450 PLN
Initial Caries Treatment with ICONfrom 250 PLN
Composite Veneer (Bonding)750 PLN
Fissure Sealants (Small / Large)120 PLN / 180 PLN
Tooth Filling in the Deciduous Toothfrom 250 PLN
Local AnesthesiaFree of Charge
Dental Hygiene and Whitening
Hygiene Visit (scaling, calculus removal, fluoride application, sandblasting)350 / 400 / 450 PLN
In – Office Whitening PrevDent2100 PLN
At – Home Whitening1300 PLN
Combined (in-office and at-home) Whitening3000 PLN
Root Canal Treatment (using microscope)
Investigation (to determine if the tooth can be saved)250 PLN
Root canal treatment:
Incisor1100 PLN
Premolar1300 PLN
Molar (3 canals)1600 PLN
Molar (4 canals)1900 PLN
Retreatment+ 300 PLN to every treatment
Tooth Reconstruction (small / large)450 / 550 PLN
Fiber Postfrom 350 PLN
Individual Post-and-Corefrom 550 PLN
Removal of a Broken Endodontic Instrumentfrom 300 PLN
Dental Surgery
Root Extraction350 PLN
Permanent Tooth Extractionfrom 400 – 600 PLN
Wisdom Tooth Extractionfrom 800 – 1200 PLN
Impacted Wisdom Tooth Extractionfrom 1200 PLN
Implant Placement (Premium Tier, Make: Dentsply Sirona, Model: Astra EV)3500 PLN
Bone Regeneration Procedurefrom 2000 PLN
Fitting The Healing Screw300 PLN
Implant Crown (Atlantis Screw-Retained Solutions)from 3500 PLN
All-on4 / All-on-6 Reconstructionsfrom 22000 PLN
Prosthetic Treatment
Ceramic Veneer2200 PLN
Metal Ceramic Crown (porcelain-fused-to-metal)1500 PLN
Full - Ceramic Crown (Zirconium, Zirconium + Ceramic)2300 PLN
Provisional Crown 150 PLN
Provisional Crown (individually made by a dental technician)500 PLN
Orthodontic Treatment
Orthodontic Consultation (2 visits): First Visit - diagnostic consultation + taking x-rays (panoramic & cephalometric), photographs and digital scans. Second Visit - orthodotist will walk you through your individual treatment plan390 + 200 PLN
Fixed Braces Control Visit250 PLN
Metal Braces2500 PLN (1 arch)
Damon Metal Braces4600 PLN (1 arch)
Damon Aesthetic Braces4900 PLN (1 arch)
Insignia Metal Braces - Digital Design and Customized Appliance Sysytem4700 PLN (1 arch)
Insignia Aesthetic Braces - Digital Design and Customized Appliance Sysytem5100 PLN (1 arch)
Damon ULTIMA Metal Braces4600 PLN (1 arch)
SureSmile Alignersfrom 9500 to 18000 PLN
Removable Bracesfrom 1000 PLN
Bite Plate500 PLN
Space Maintainer500 PLN
Orthodontic Mini-Implant 800 PLN
Debonding500 PLN (1 arch)
Retainer / Retention Splint250 PLN (1 arch)
Clear Retainer300 PLN (1 arch)
Retention Control Visit120 PLN
Dental Physiotherapy
First physiotherapeutical visit220 PLN
Next physiotherapeutical visit200 PLN

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